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Debbie Lynn Ward



has been passed down in our family for four generations with continuous improvements and enhancements along the way.

Culture, customs and beliefs are the core essence of our
identity and being

After several years of working and single parenting I decided to attend college in my early 40's and enrolled in S.T.U University Fredericton NB.  My background in Finance served Canadians from the East to the West Coast of Canada for over 16 plus yrs putting my economics degree to work. The Skin-E-Dip was sold in local markets and it allotted me that education. It has been the go-to solution for the entire family when we needed it and used very often for all kinds of skin problems as they came up. 

Culture, customs and beliefs are the core essence of our identity and being, I believe. It is not always in our hands to choose what that outcome will be.  However, we can choose to try to make this world a lot better by just being a bit more kind to one another. 

We can only bring about change if we try and change can be a very good thing. 

I hope you find a multitude of uses for this product and will stand by my word that if you don't find it of any benefit return it to me for full refund. I am amazed when people tell me that they are hooked and how it helps alleviate their pain and suffering and provided them with a certain amount of comfort. My mother would be pleased.

How it started
My mother Winnifred Ward served as a field nurse in the late 1940's and would follow the instructions of War Doctors and Pharmacists who would make an order for their patients.

Commonly known as the Butt Cream.
How It Started
Skin-e-dip became the basis of that war time formula 

Our family story started several years back when my beloved mother was a nurse in the late 1940's in England. Doctors would have their nurses prepare a formulated ointment to dress our wounded war hero's who suffered greatly on the battle fields. Skin-e-dip became the basis of that war time formula and is where it all started. It has however been perfected and improved over time with the help and feedback given to us by customers and professionals just like you.

Skin-e-Dip is an old fashioned formula that had been around a good long time and until mom brought to life at home in our very own kitchen it may not have evolved into a major market player in skin health care. It began when my daughter was just a few months old and developed really dry flakey skin on every part of her tiny body. The Doctor diagnosed her with infant eczema and she was just three months old with a horrible unsightly skin affliction.  It was frightening to see her suffer so much with scratching and itching to a point were she would cry.  

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