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About Me

 I am excited to launch our product Skin-E-Dip Ointment and provide you some details on how it came about. Skin-E-Dip has been passed down in our family for an amazing four generations with continuous improvements and enhancements along the way. We've seen and heard plenty of great testimonials from our customers for well over thirty years. From the early days when it was first needed and prepared by my mother for my daughter's infantile eczema and diaper rash relief to today recommendations. We know how effective Skin-e-Dip can be to help alleviate many of today skin issues.


 After several years of working and single parenting I decided to attend college in my early 40's and enrolled in S.T.U University Fredericton NB.  My background in Finance served Canadians from the East to the West Coast of Canada for over 16 plus yrs putting my economics degree to work.

The Skin-E-Dip was sold in local markets and it allotted me that education.

It has been the go-to solution for the entire family when we needed it and used very often for all kinds of skin problems as they came up. My experiences range from cracked cuticles split nails, dry chapped lips and dry itchy eye lids. I find it comforting and feel an instant relief for these and so much more. My relatives make use it for Eczema and Dry cracked hands, skin wounds and other skin issues. We would simply not be without it around and glad its still being made.

Growing up my family had a privileged life few people get to see or experience. Born in Peterborough, Ontario along with two other sibling we left Canada very early on and literally sailed around the world. Our parents took us to some of the most beautiful and remote areas where one would never expect to live. We began our journey in the UK where we attended Early British boarding school.


My sister and I boarded at Mickelfield Residential School for girls in Seaford, Sussex where we started Forms 1 and 2. Before Form 5 and "o" levels were attempted we moved back to Canada. After some very cold Canadian winter weather my family decided to move south to 1st Street, Miami Beach, Florida. My father managed a beach front hotel called the "Rosemont". The hotel consisted entirely of mainly senior Jewish men and women in their retirement years. Later it was bought and torn down to be replaced with what now stands as a "Four Star" luxury Hotel. We then sailed to the British West Indies and lived in Grand Cayman for five more years and my Dad managed a Night Club called the "Blue Horizon". There we formed some significant lasting memories, sunsets, turtles, the people and their customs.We then then sailed off to Salzburg Austria for another few years. We traveled a good part of Europe by train learned a new language and saw much of the countryside including a trip to Hitler's bunk, salt water caves, and Mozarts Platz. 

They called us the traveling gypsies.


Our Primary and Secondary Schooling consisted of more than fifteen schools globally in more than five countries, three in Florida alone. I remember quite a bit of our upbringing and could provide plenty of other family stories, but then the times changed for me. 


Mental Illness was brought on with symptomatic disorganized thinking and dissociative attachment disorders in my early twenties. An issue no family wants to struggle with or have to tackle. I am happy to say I have overcome many of my issues by just being me and choosing a fitting lifestyle with an illness not well understood.

Often times, I wonder if my illnesses were associated with the constant moving around or just my dislike to starting over.

In any case I chalk it all up to learning and applying what works best for all concerned.


 The bigger picture has changed with today's Global health concerns it leaves lots of unanswered questions, misunderstandings and systemic gaps in much of our lives. I take to heart these issues since the pandemic started but particularly on how it has effected our senior population. Since the pandemic began countless number of our seniors have been hit the hardest. Our entire generation of hard working men and women have had their lives put at extreme risk, ignored, disregarded and dispensed of by our governments utter neglect to what matters most to hard working families.

It's not enough for Globalization in its former glory to have a dream and then throw the baby out with the bath water.

It is definitely not right.

Our seniors and ancestors are the very reason we exist in this world.

Our seniors deserve much better and way more respect than what they are getting.I continue to promote this miracle cream for my mother who first introduced it to us and serves as a reminder of her field nurse work during the Second World War. 


Culture, customs and beliefs are the core essence of our identity and being, I believe. It is not always in our hands to choose what that outcome will be.  However, we can choose to try to make this world a lot better by just being a bit more kind to one another. Whether you decide to integrate is a matter of personal choice. I see "Acceptance" as the key to our freedom in this new digital age "world order". Social Distancing is not a natural order and everyone is confused about our future together. Change can be especially hard for the elderly so next time be considerate and offer them a hand when and where you can. 


We can only bring about change if we try and change can be a very

good thing. 


   I hope you find a multitude of uses for this product and will stand by my word that if you don't find it of any benefit return it to me for full refund. I am amazed when people tell me that they are hooked and how it helps alleviate their pain and suffering and provided them with a certain amount of comfort. My mother would be pleased. Working from home is a luxury today and in this beautiful province of Newfoundland with family near by, I am blessed I can partake and give back with this amazing product.


I look forward to hearing from you and your experiences

with your tub of Skin-E-Dip ointment.

Thank you for your good will and support. Join the club.

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