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How it got started

Our family story started several years back when my beloved mother was a nurse in the late 1940's in England. Doctors would have their nurses prepare a formulated ointment to dress our wounded war hero's who suffered greatly on the battle fields. Imagine the horrible results of war from being engaged in battle for a moment. Explosives, bullets and fire coming at you from all angles. Soldiers suffered beyond what we can't imagine or even comprehend.

My mother Winnifred Ward served as a field nurse in the late 1940's and would follow the instructions of War Doctors and Pharmacists who would make an order for their patients commonly known then as the Butt Cream.

Skin-e-dip became the basis of that war time formula and is where it all started. It has however been enhanced and improved over time with the help and feedback given to us by customers and professionals just like you.

Our aim to find a simple solution to the many skin problems we encounter on our day to day journey, cuts, burns, scratches, rough bumpy skin, itchy rashes, sunburns, minor eczema, psoriasis and so many other skin discomforts. Skin-e-Dip has been in our family for four generations and strong enough to handle any demands all the way. It's in constant use and comes to the rescue for many skin discomforts or irritated sore skin issues. 


Skin-e-Dip is an old fashioned formula that had been around a good long time. Had mom not brought it to life in our very own kitchen it would never act as a greater part of your skin health care. It began when my daughter was just a few months old and developed really dry cracked skin on every part of her infant body. The Doctor diagnosed her with infantile eczema and she was only three months old. Her skin was red itchy flakey and incredibly uncomfortable. It was frightening to see her suffer so much with scratching and itching and little remedies on hand other than steroids provided by our Doctor. Her wrists, ankles and scalp had itchy patches that were so itchy she'd constantly scratched herself until she bled. At night time we made her wear makeshift mittens so she would stop scratching herself during the night. That would work only until she managed to tear them off. Something had to be done and quickly.


    I didn't feel comfortable with prescription creams at such young age so I asked my mother about the ointment she prepared as a nurse in England. Would it help? Could it give her some immediate relief? It was a desperate act to find any alternative to help her with this debilitating affliction. Very quickly we had started what she could remember of the formula and so began our journey. To get measurements just right she could only remember making it in big batch drums. I figured they made a ton of it. So in the beginning tons of our ointment was shared out and provided out to anyone who found a use for it. My daughter was treated immediately with our cracked skin ointment  and within just a short few days she was 100% better. Her skin appearance went from rough dry flakey to a smooth soft healthy looking skin and had greatly improved. It made a difference like almost overnight and after just a few applications we could stop with the gloves at night and was sleeping much better. She uses it to this day for her dry cracked hands and wouldn't use anything else. Our community of friends and neighbours spoke out to us on how it had helped them too for various things like haemorrhoid relief, cold sores, hot spots, eczema and psoriasis. The news was beyond our expectations,

After having had such a great response from our friends and for her severely rough eczema skin itch we realized

we had a winning formula. My mother Wyn created it's catchy name and called it Skin-E-Dip. The E was for Vitamin E and we all thought it was genius. Great job mom!


My mother's formula has become a family goto favourite and sold at Flea and farmers Markets that you may have attended in your community for several decades. Skin-e-Dip has been around a long time and with the feedback we received from customers like you it persuaded us to go much farther.

Loyal customers cannot be with out it and we received thousands of very promising stories on a regular basis.

We simply wouldn't be without it. My dear mother was where it all began and although she has passed I continue to produce this in honour of her name and efforts as a nurse during the second world war.


We are hoping to hear your story upon using Skin-E-Dip and to share it with others too! Stories are where and how it all begins and ends.

Thanks for reading our story and please do drop by our shop and try some!

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